All Her Wounds, mystery and crime thriller novel by author Nathan Wilson
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Vivian Xu has found her calling as a forensic investigator when the last person she expects to die is murdered. However, the victim’s death isn’t nearly as disturbing as what was taken.

Missing organs, experimentation, and the occult are only the beginning of Vivian’s encounter with a trafficking ring.

The hunt for answers has barely begun, so why does Vivian feel like this killer has taken a personal interest in her?


Readers' Favorite by Lex Allen

Following Red Widow and Arsenic for the Soul, Nathan Wilson continues the exciting Vivian Xu Series in this dark, occult-horror, detective story featuring Vivian and her best friend/business partner, Camilla Vesely. All Her Wounds revolves around the couple's search for a missing friend who has apparently been kidnapped by a human organ trafficking gang. Their search takes them to Thailand, where they encounter one terrifying adventure after another, multiple unexpected and frightening turns of events, and some of the bloodiest scenes of horror and mysticism ever written. Wilson combines an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, the occult, and those unique traits that allow him to mix the inner conflicts of his characters with fast-paced action and never miss a beat. 

All Her Wounds, though part of a series, leaves no doubts as to the conclusion of the individual story while a crack opens in the door that leads to a fourth book in the series. Wilson understands and eloquently illustrates the yin and yang of the human psyche in his protagonists as well as the antagonists as they struggle to conquer their individual, and ofttimes, most unusual inner demons. The action is fast paced, interspersed with short descriptive narratives of places, character background, or inner conflict. Often considered a negative in story telling, in this case, these scenes allow the reader to catch his/her breath between the action scenes... a good thing! Though part of a series, this book easily stands alone, so if you're looking for an exciting, well-written horror/occult/detective/adventure story, I highly recommend All Her Wounds.


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