Arsenic for the Soul, mystery and crime thriller novel by author Nathan Wilson
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Arsenic for the Soul

If only one heart didn't endanger so many.

Vivian Xu and Camilla Vesely’s dreams couldn’t be any closer. Their futures seem to entwine until Camilla receives a menacing message regarding her bloodline.

Soon after, Vivian follows a trail of mysterious threats, a family ancestry buried in deceit, and a string of killings that draw nearer to the ones she loves. She may be the only safeguard left standing between a murderous fanatic and the livelihood of Prague. 

If only Vivian's deepest desire wasn't placing everyone around her in immediate peril.


Readers' Favorite by Melissa Tanaka

Arsenic for the Soul by Nathan Wilson is the second book in the Vivian Xu series, which centers on a young woman named Vivian, a medical student with a rough past that includes recreational drugs, a period of street walking in order to support herself, and being attacked by an infamous serial killer. Her friend, Camilla Vesely, a crime reporter for The Blaze, had worked tirelessly to expose the abuse and shut down Magdalene asylums where caretakers punished the women and forced them into manual labor; however, just because the asylums have been closed down and the women freed doesn’t mean that the trouble is over. A stalker, an umbilical cord of mysterious origins, and a sudden tuberculosis outbreak are only the beginning for Vivian and Camilla. When it comes to uncovering the truth, Vivian and Camilla will stop at nothing. With rich descriptions of people and places, Wilson’s writing makes you feel as though you’re right alongside the two, especially in the most terrifying of time. That being said, Wilson truly shines when it comes to Vivian’s internal battle; he wonderfully demonstrates the difficulty that she faces in trying to move on from her past experiences and reconcile with the muddier actions of her past self. All of this lends itself to the high tension atmosphere of the hospital in which she works. Wilson builds the suspense and stacks the action in a way that you will find yourself turning the pages faster than you can read just so you can find out what happens. I absolutely loved this story.


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