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Author Nathan Wilson

I was born in Michigan, where I spent much of my childhood writing fantasy. In 2021, I published the novel Obsidian Wraith. Composed of years of research and folklore, the series is set in ancient Japan during the Genpei War and the beginning of the first Shōgunate.

Blending dark fantasy, history, and romance, it is a heartfelt journey of love, friendship, and mental health awareness. The saga is continued by The Abhorrent, Omen of Fire, In My Damnedest Dreams, and If I Remain.

I am Pagan, ethically non-monogamous, battle with depression, and publishers tell me I'm the "wrong voice" for writing these books. Overcoming the struggles and stigmas I’ve faced has allowed me to live my best life. My art reflects my inner darkness because healing cannot be achieved through hiding. Just as light cannot be found without shadows. 

Meanwhile, I am blessed with the company of the mysterious S. E. Nin and three cats named Rory, Tristan, and Selene. They might just be the living embodiments of yōkai.

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