Nathan Wilson spent much of his childhood writing fantasy after reading a short story by his sister. Almost fifteen years later, he would go on to publish his first novel, The Undying God. 

Nathan's writing branched out in mystery and horror when he hammered out the Red Widow in 2013. Hailed by readers as fast-paced, engaging, edgy, and terrifying, it introduced forensic sleuth Vivian Xu and investigative journalist Camilla Vesely to the world. The Vivian Xu series twists and turns through an underworld of psychopaths and serial killers in its sequels Arsenic for the Soul, All Her Wounds, and Death Perfected. 

Nathan returned to his fantasy roots with Obsidian Wraith in 2021. His wife, a fellow fantasy reader, collaborated with the writing, the story, and characters. The Obsidian Wraith trilogy follows the supernatural journey of a scribe navigating ancient Japan during the Genpei War.  

When Nathan isn't writing, he enjoys studying Asian culture, listens to German heavy metal, and plays with his cat, Rory Kilronan Wilson. He is also known to disappear to Taiwan whenever the opportunity presents itself. The hiking trails are to die for. 


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