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Obsidian Wraith forest wallpaper2_edited.jpg

Nathan Wilson was born in Michigan and spent much of his childhood writing fantasy. In 2021, he published the novel Obsidian Wraith. Composed of years of research and folklore, it is set in ancient Japan during the Genpei War and the beginning of the first Shogun.


Blending horror and fantasy, it is a heartfelt journey of love, friendship, and mental health awareness. The saga is continued by The Abhorrent, Omen of Fire, In My Damnedest Dreams, and If I Remain.

Nathan loves traveling to Taiwan whenever the opportunity arises. He leads a quiet existence beyond the city, where he enjoys spending time outdoors, gaming, and reading.


When Nathan isn't writing, he enjoys learning about Asian culture, singing to metal and German rock, and trying to tame his three cats, Rory, Tristan, and Selene. They are the living embodiment of yōkai.

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