Death Perfected, mystery and crime thriller novel by author Nathan Wilson
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Death Perfected
Angels have their secrets... 
and demons have their honor.

A serial killer known for disfiguring his victims. An obsession with the line between salvation and damnation. A delusional vendetta against the Red Widow. These elements only scratch the surface of a man known as the "Žižkov Fiend" of Prague. 

Forensic sleuth Vivian Xu is underestimating his sadistic impulses. Help arrives in the form of Elijah Merrick, a tall and handsome psychiatrist with secrets of his own. He may be the key to Vivian understanding and defeating her most vicious adversary yet.


Readers' Favorite by K.C. Finn

Death Perfected is a work of murder mystery fiction, forensics, and fright, and was penned by author Nathan Wilson. Written for adults due to explicit content across the board of sex, death, and violence, this is the fourth book in the highly engaging but graphic Vivian Xu series. The series’ titular character is a forensic investigator, and in this installment, she is hot on the trail of the Fiend of Prague, a serial killer who twists and turns his victims until parts of them are no longer recognizable. Vivian calls on the help of Elijah Merrick, a psychiatrist, to help her unlock the mind of this fiend, but Merrick has plenty of secrets to uncover too.

Intense, graphic, shocking and wholly satisfying, this is a mystery to literally die for. Having read some of the earlier exploits of Vivian Xu, I can safely say the series has grown bigger and better since my last outing into her gruesome world of investigation. Author Nathan Wilson amps up the atmosphere and really fleshes out (pardon the pun) his characters and settings in this book, where the descriptions and action are compelling and highly engaging from chapter to chapter. The plot is solid, with excellent twists and well-timed turns that are sure to keep readers engaged, and the conclusions and surprises made good sense and led to a satisfying conclusion. Overall, Death Perfected is a wonderful addition to a bloodthirsty and very enjoyable murder mystery series: highly recommended for fans of horror, gore, and psychological intrigue. 

Readers' Favorite by Ruffina Oserio

Death Perfected is the fourth book in the Vivian Xu murder mystery series, and in this entry, the skilled and indefatigable forensic investigator, Vivian Xu, is faced with a very cunning and vicious adversary, a serial killer who leaves gory images in his wake. He disfigures his victims. He is known as the "Žižkov Fiend" of Prague, a killer with a mind so twisted it is almost impossible to guess what he will do next. Even with the help of Elijah Merrick, a psychiatrist with his own secrets, can Vivian Xu defeat her most vicious enemy?

Author Nathan Wilson creates a memorable villain in this novel and explores the darkness of the mind of a psychopath. There are moments in the story that leave readers shuddering, yet it is rendered so convincingly that they can't help but believe the characters. A protagonist only grows in the story when faced with a formidable antagonist and the author knows just how to achieve this. The writing is gorgeous, the characters compelling and the plot cunningly crafted to keep the reader enthralled, always looking out for what happens next. The novel is suspenseful and the plot unpredictable. There is the unnerving feeling that something awful lurks in the dark, a feeling that compels the reader to turn the next page to find out what it is. Death Perfected is a crime thriller that will entice fans of criminal minds and intricately plotted sleuth mysteries. I found it gripping and hugely entertaining.


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