Red Widow, mystery and crime thriller novel by author Nathan Wilson
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Compelling characters, a powerful setting, and a great plot are some of the interesting elements of Red Widow, the enticing opening to the Vivian Xu series by Nathan Wilson. There is a serial killer on the loose, one who takes lives with impunity, and as each day passes, the homicide detective Nikolai worries about what could happen next or where the killer would strike. There is only one person who can help to solve the murders and unveil the face of the killer — Vivian Xu. The only problem is that Vivian should be in jail for attempted homicide. The detective offers her the freedom to choose between staying behind bars and winning her life back by working for him. When Vivian accepts to hunt the serial killer, she doesn’t know what’s in store for her. She might be escaping the hell that is a prison in the Czech Republic for another horrible fate. I cared about Vivian from the beginning of the story. The author makes her come across as a tough and bruised woman, one who has had her history with crime and who is always fighting to stay alive. Nathan Wilson builds a powerful mystery with an equally powerful suspense. From the first page of this murder mystery, the reader begins to wonder what would happen to Vivian. The reader wants to know if she’ll finally discover the killer and what would happen during the encounter. The sense of danger increases with each page. Red Widow also features a powerful conflict, a fast-paced story, and intense drama. Fans of thrillers and murder stories will relish this one.

Red Widow


Every fantasy has a price.

Vivian knows this all too well, having catered to the criminal underworld of Prague in ways no one can imagine. Now she finds herself at the mercy of a homicide detective who would sacrifice anyone to stop a deranged serial killer.


Dangling by a thread to her freedom, Vivian becomes an unwilling informant in a game of hunt or be hunted. Vivian soon discovers the shocking intentions behind the murders, but she doesn't escape with her mind unscathed.

Vivian will pay any price to see society again—even at the cost of becoming just like the killer.


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