Searching in obscurity

I suppose I feel content with where my life is at for the moment. Though I do feel restless on certain days and longing for something that seems to be lacking from my life, I feel calm. I am in good health, I have a plan for my education, and I have goals that I will surely attain.

It still does not entirely diminish the feeling that I lack something, however. I'm not sure anymore what will fill the void inside. Perhaps it is that sense that I want to start my life anew somewhere else. I plan on vacationing in Taiwan this December for two weeks, which I'm thrilled about. If this is where I will live a few years from now, I look forward to soaking up every detail. I want to feel immersed in another culture and way of life.

I'm still learning basic Mandarin Chinese. Hopefully I can take a course in it by next fall. In addtion to volunteering, working, and studying, I should have more than enough to keep my thoughts occupied. Hopefully it will erase this sense of feeling unwhole.

I hope I find whatever will erase this feeling, be it days from now or years. I have much to think over regarding the future.