Four days away

My life will be vastly different in four days. Soon I will be dropped off at the airport to begin my twenty-hour-journey to Taiwan. I should arrive in Taipei in the late hours of November 18. Unexpectedly, I'm humbled by the adventure I'm about to embark on. I know the basics of Mandarin and I'll likely rely on Google maps for much of my exploring. It will also take some time to adjust to the new food and dishes there. Perhaps the biggest adjustment of all will be the sudden void in my social life. I only have a few friends where I'm going.

Looking back on this year, I'd like to reflect on the wonderful experiences I spent with family and friends. I still reminisce about the weekends I spent visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Ann Arbor. I remember the magical trip I took to Frankenmuth with my girlfriend. And I'll surely miss spending weekends watching anime with my best friend Hassan.

Here's to all of you who enrich my life.