All Her Wounds Excerpt 10

As Vivian clawed for a grip on her confidence, Camilla scanned the outlet shopping mall towering over an array of metal roofs sheltering street vendors.

The city of Pattaya should have been enough to steal her breath away, but that dubious honor belonged to a striking man at the edge of the crowded bazaar. Camilla latched onto the sight of his face and the cloud of intrigue that set him apart from the swarm of haggling tourists.

Camilla had never set foot in Thailand before, yet there was something recognizable about him that puzzled her and stirred a newly awakened trove of memories. Without so much as meeting her eyes, he retreated from the night market and dissolved into the night. For one incredulously hopeful second, Camilla wondered if this stranger was the same man who disappeared from her life years ago. Perhaps he was a man best left forgotten due to the games he played with her heart.

Despite the danger he posed, she dared to consider that it might be him. Finding new roots in Thailand might explain how he managed to vanish so effortlessly from Prague’s borders.

“I don’t have much of an appetite but I could use a soft bed,” Vivian said, startling her. “Where is this hotel of ours again?”

“Um, according to the street map, just keep heading down Thepprasit Road, head straight up the hill, and you should stumble upon it. You go on ahead, I’m going to explore the markets for a bit longer.”

“Is everything okay?”

“I… I’m not sure. I thought I recognized someone in the crowd. I swear I’ve seen his face before.”

“You haven’t even hit the cabaret bars yet and you’re already hallucinating about beautiful men? I hoped this was limited to that bawdy incident at the Toxic Mistress.”

“Mind-altering states aren’t that far off where you’re concerned...”