The Undying God is the third and final iteration of the saga of Arxu and Margzor, which was first developed in 2003. I officially began rewriting it in 2005.


The Undying God was originally set up as three books: Misanthrophilia, Nympholepsy, and Metamorphosis.  


Misanthrophilia is a pormanteau of misanthropy and philia, denoting a hatred of love and a love of hatred common to the central antagonist.


Nypmpholepsy is described as a violent frenzy of emotion regarding something unattainable. It is also described as an ecstatic form of demonic possession.


Metamorphosis was chosen as the title of the third novel because it is a transformation commonly associated with wildlife. I found the description fitting in regards to the antagonist's unique childhood.


As readers can surely tell, the antagonist Margzor plays a role just as crucial if not greater than the protagonists.


At its core, The Undying God explores sexual repression, the sanctity of virginity, radical ideology, and depression.





The following poetry is written from the perspective of Margzor. These excerpts were intended to be used as the back covers for Misanthrophilia, Nympholepsy, and Metamorphosis. 

I am not human. The wine of my fury cascades into my wounds. 

I cannot deny the implicit truth of their words. I do not deserve your kindness because I am not one of you. I am something better.

And something worse.




Love lied.

There is no happiness, only denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. Pain glistens silently and my heart explodes on love's cruel edge. I am a whore to my last breath, naked and alone in the bowels of a nightmare.

Sick and frozen, ripped wide open. An abomination desecrates the void in beauty's absence.

Every sense ignites inside me, unadulterated pain consorting with mania, arousing toxins of desire. I cannot help but feel loved.

The sexual miasma is killing me.




Euphoria lingers.

Never let me awake. Eclipse me with a kiss, a touch that echoes through my flesh. Addict me to your desire, desecrate me with passion, may your beauty overdose this fragile heart.

All wounds heal when you touch me.

Lips of sin kiss me softly and the most vivid feelings ripple across my soul. Ecstasy blossoms in secret places and I desire this never ends. I cannot feel when you are not here.

I would rather be without life than without you.




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