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Disillusioned with the war, Shindara has secluded himself in the temples of Heian-kyō. However, he is forced out of hiding when a strange new threat emerges against the city.

He soon finds himself at the center of a conspiracy that will lead him to forge unlikely alliances and make even greater enemies.

Shindara is determined to avoid a disaster like the one he caused in Namida. With Mikoto and Hachi by his side, he believes he can find a way—even if the omens are telling him otherwise.

In My Damnedest Dreams, epic dark fantasy romance historical military novel by author Nath

A shadowy figure is threatening Mikoto’s life and wields power over Shindara now. If he doesn’t obey, her death will come swiftly and without mercy. Shindara seeks her in the city of Sakai, where chaos finds him instead.


A power struggle is exploding in the streets, one that Mikoto is directly responsible for. The faintest of horizons are tinged with crime syndicates, faked deaths, and secret weddings. Only one thing is for certain in these uncertain days. Shindara never could have imagined any of this. Not even in his damnedest dreams. 

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