Obsidian Wraith fantasy novel by author Nathan Wilson and S. E. Nin
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Obsidian Wraith

A war in medieval Japan is no time for a crisis of faith.

As samurai clans feud over the Imperial Throne, a temple scribe named Shindara is plunged into the fire and ashes of the Genpei War.  Torn from his home, he unwittingly falls in with a group of bandits who may end up teaching him more about life and death than his high priests ever did. 

While living among the bandits and warriors, he gains two close friends... a merciless thief with a loyal streak and a fallen princess-turned-rebel leader.


However, the war may be the least of Shindara's troubles. With every passing day, a curse is eating his soul and drawing him closer into the dark realm known as the Yomi. 


Readers' Favorite by Faluso Falaye

After losing his wife and unborn child in a siege, Shindara attempts to guide his wife’s spirit to the next realm by meddling with a force he doesn't understand: the Yomi, the world of darkness. Consequently, he begins to fade away while his soul is consumed by the darkness. However, before he fades away completely, Shindara vows not to rest until he slays the man who had his wife killed. As he embarks on his mission, he meets a group of bandits and makes friends with a hilarious but ferocious man and a highly driven and lethal woman. Will Shindara complete his mission before he completely loses himself to the darkness of the Yomi? Set in 1180, Obsidian Wraith by Nathan Wilson and S. E. Nin is a wonderful mix of Japanese history and dark fantasy.

Obsidian Wraith would be amazing as a movie! I can imagine the costumes of the samurais and monks, the action-packed scenes with the swords flying in all directions, and the enhanced dark ability of the protagonist. The book is fully engaging, fast-paced, and jam-packed with different things that make it a rich and comprehensive experience: laugh-out-loud humor, an interesting display of friction and camaraderie between the characters, profound comments that make you think deeply, poetic lines, impressive metaphors, and well-developed characters. Additionally, Nathan Wilson and S. E. Nin include some frightening elements in their story, like spiders with horns and aquatic demons. In short, I enjoyed every bit of Obsidian Wraith. Readers who enjoy dark fantasy, Japanese-themed storylines, and books about sacrifice and fighting against corruption would love it.

Readers' Favorite by Rabia Tanveer

Obsidian Wraith by Nathan Wilson and S. E. Nin is the first book in the Obsidian Wraith series. Set in medieval Japan under war, our story follows a simple man called Shindara. As a temple scribe, Shindara was kept far away from the war, but that was about to change when samurais came to attack his city. Losing his wife proved to be the last straw, but little did he know it would also be the end of his life of peace. Caught by the samurai and left to die, Shindara did the unthinkable and performed a ritual with the help of the Hell Scrolls. The Yomi called to his soul, and he had no idea if what he did was the right thing. He had nowhere to go and no place to hide. That didn't mean he wouldn’t run. Along the way, he met Mikoto and Hachi, two very different people yet they would prove to be his salvation if he let them. Would he, though?

Reading Obsidian Wraith was an immersive and entertaining experience, and Nathan Wilson and S. E. Nin had me hooked from the very first page. Shindara had all the makings of a great character just waiting for a tragedy to invoke his greatness. The authors made sure there was enough action in the beginning to lure readers in and then added the right amount of development to the plot that truly made Shindara shine. The addition of Hachi and Mikoto provided a direction for Shindara and gave him something to fight for. The concept of the Yomi was handled exceptionally well. The background building was great, the narrative developed incredibly, and the characters were front and center of the plot. This book was a brilliant new find and I cannot wait for more!

Readers' Favorite by K.C. Finn

Obsidian Wraith is a work of fiction in the fantasy, cultural fiction, action, and adventure sub-genres, and was penned by author team Nathan Wilson and S. E. Nin. Set in a fantasy version of medieval Japan, the work is intended for mature reading audiences owing to triggering themes such as rape and sexual violence, as well as some use of explicit language and moderate depictions of war. Our protagonist is Shindara, who finds himself ripped away from his home and into a troop of bandits who teach him the real woes of life and the realities of a nation at war. But darkness calls to Shindara, drawing him nearer to a cursed future that he may not be able to avoid.

Author duo Nathan Wilson and S. E. Nin have crafted a superb series opener that holds great promise and sets up a fantastic world of feudal storytelling in Asian culture. One of the things which I especially enjoyed about the work was the cultural aspect, which takes legends, beliefs, and values from Japan and helps us to learn and relate to a fantastically in-depth culture. Shindara was an appealing and naïve hero, and the range of interesting and bold characters whom he meets were all beautifully drawn with authentic voices and plenty to offer the story. I also found the descriptive work, particularly the fighting scenes, to be very dynamic and cinematically described. Overall, I would certainly recommend Obsidian Wraith for fans of medieval fantasy fiction who are looking to broaden their horizons and raise their expectations of the genre.


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